Sky High Shelters


On the move. Connected. Surrounded by beauty. In the natural world. In the midst of creative makers. Alone and private when you chose.

Do your work on the level ground, your feet on the earth. Sheltered but with a 360 degree view. Look up and you can see your artist compadres at their tasks -some within shouting distance. Easy to visit back and forth. But tucked in and sheltered when the wind is blowing or the rain is drumming on your canopy.

 Retreat upward into your private living space alone or with your honey and kids. Snug. Warm fire. soft light coming through the fabric cover. Fresh air, even inside. Soft noises as your artist neighbors settle down for the night.

In two weeks you will be on the move to a new meadow. Some new neighbors might be joining your nomadic community for a time. You decide where to set up your structure. Who you will cluster with. How much distance you want this time.