Installing the daggerboard trunk

Building the daggerboard trunk


Gluing up the daggerboard trunk


After the interior of the trunk has been glassed, the two halves are ready to be glued together.






Daggerboard trunk ready for fiberglassing on the outside.








Installing the daggerboard trunk


Laying out the hole for the trunk in the hull bottom


The hole for the truck need to be exactly between the two hull sides






Lining up the top of the trunk


The trunk needs to be square and just below the cockpit floor.






1 1/2 inch epoxy fillet to secure the trunk to the floor.


The trunk needs to be strong and secure.





Installing the cockpit floor


Fitting the aft cockpit floor section


The cockpit floor needs to be carefully fitted to provide support to the hull sides and the daggerboard truck.





Fitted cockpit floor








Test ride





With the floor in we can start to plan the deck and cockpit layout.


More building details to follow soon…..