Building begins…

A structure arises in the backyard

Prototype hub - PVC

 First Sky Yurt Prototype – PVCWhy PVC? My first goal in building a full scale prototype was to see if the basic engineering for the Sky Yurt tension structure would work. The PVC pipe was 2″ in diameter, dirt cheap (I did have to wash it all) and under tension I could get it to bend. I built two plywood hubs, about [...]



Crash and burn

Two big concerns – wind and ventilationAs I was working on my build/design project with the Sky Yurt one big issue kept churning around in my mind – wind power. I knew from sailing just how powerful the wind can be. On a sail, as the speed of the wind increases, the force on the sail []


Prototype 2 - Lower hub support

Sky Yurt design breakthrough??? It was important to me to keep the lower tent-canopied workspace as an integral unit, separate from the upper living space of the Sky Yurt. This lower space would act as the mother ship, and the upper living space structure would actually “dock” to the trampoline frame at the center []