Hull and ama parts

Laying out and cutting bulkheads


Connecting the dots made by the awl

Using full size pattens, we mark the plywood for the bulkheads.







Bulkheads need to be accurate



Cutting out the bulkheads.




Getting a fair curve on the hulls


Laying out and marking the hulls


In laying out the hulls, we need to mark a fair curve between the bulkhead stations

Cutting out hull and ama sides and stringers


Cutting 16′ boards


Cutting the stringers for the main hull and ama sides






Cutting hull sides with the skill saw


We cut out the main hull and ama sides two at a time.





Stiffening up the hulls with stringers



Main hull gets three full length stringers



Stringers are glued to the hulls, and temporarily clamped with finish nails.




Coating all the interior parts


Coated parts and pieces


All interior parts get two coats of epoxy.






Starting to run out of shop space


It is important to seal the all the parts carefully to keep moisture from infiltrating the wood in the bilges of the boat.




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